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Through the Garage Door

Options For Adding Water Features To Your Backyard

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Your home’s backyard should be a place for you to relax and escape from the outside world. Adding water features to your yard can help to provide a tranquil atmosphere, beautify your surroundings and even increase your property value. If you decide that you want to add aquatic features to your property, you can choose from a variety of structures including fountains, bird baths and ponds. Fountains A great way to add a focal point and structure to your lawn is to build a fountain in a prominent area of the yard. The sound of water...

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Options For Resurfacing Your Inground Pool

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While an inground pool can last a lifetime, the floor and walls of the structure require resurfacing when they begin to show signs of deterioration. The presence of cracks, chipping, discoloration and peeling indicates that it is time to schedule major pool maintenance. You have several options when it comes to resurfacing your pool. Your selection of materials for the project will depend on your budget and aesthetic preferences. Plaster It is common for concrete pools to have a stark, white plaster surface. However, over time as the plaster...

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How Your Septic Technician Pumps Your Septic Tank

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Maintaining a plumbing system connected to a septic tank is no easy task. You not only have to worry about traditional plumbing problems, such as leaks, clogs, and mineral buildup, but also additional problems such as sludge buildup or septic backflow. For this reason, instead of draining your septic tank yourself, you’ve always hired a professional to take care of the job for you. Instead of wondering what exactly your septic tank technician does during a tank pumping, find out for yourself. Why Your Tank Needs To Be Pumped When it...

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8 Ways To Prevent A Fire In Your House

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If you are a homeowner, the very thought of a fire can send you into a panic. A fire does not just threaten your safety; it can also severely damage your home. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce your risk of a fire by just exercising good safety habits. Here are eight ways to prevent a fire in your house. Be Careful With Space Heaters A space heater can keep a room really toasty during the winter. However, if you do not use your space heater correctly, it can cause a fire in your home. According to Nationwide, heating equipment...

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3 Plumbing Issues To Address When Building A New Bathroom In Your House

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Adding an extra bathroom to your home during a remodeling project is a great idea, but there are several things to think about when it comes to the plumbing options for the addition. If you are thinking about handling this project yourself, you may want to think twice because there are certain things your new bathroom will need that you may not know how to install. Here are three important things you will need to put in your new bathroom. Exhaust Fan All bathrooms should have an exhaust fan, especially if they contain a bathtub or shower. An...

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