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Don’t Take The Stairs: How To Ease Your Fear Of Elevators

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While no statistics have been issued, interviewed many workers who suffered from a fear of elevators. If you commute to a large building and elevators trigger enough acrophobia or claustrophobia that you’d rather take numerous flights of stairs, you may want to try some fear-reducing strategies. Read on to learn how safe elevators really are and how to overcome your fears. Educate Yourself on Their Safety Features Your fears may be eased if you look at some statistics firsthand. For instance, has some great stats...

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Can Air Conditioning Help You Lose Weight?

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If you’re looking for ways to aid your weight loss journey, you will be surprised to learn that your air conditioning has a lot to do with achieving a healthy weight. Even though eating right and exercising will be the biggest factors in your weight loss, your AC can lend a helping hand. Keep on reading to find out how you can reap the benefits of your HVAC system. Colder Temperatures Help Your Body Burn Fat When you keep your house quite cool, your body needs to work harder to maintain a core temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In...

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Shipworms: Why Are They So Destructive To Your Dock’s Pilings?

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Protecting your dock from erosion and bad weather is essential. But did you know there could be another, more destructive problem attacking your dock’s pilings right now? Wood boring worms called shipworms are water-dwelling animals that eat the wood of dock pilings. You can’t get rid of shipworms with pesticides or by simply removing them. However, a marine contractor can kill the wood boring worms for you by repairing and securing your dock’s pilings with a protective PVC material. Here are things you need to know about...

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Options For Adding Air Conditioning To Your Backyard Shed

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If you have a backyard shed that you plan to renovate for a workshop or office space, you want to make sure the space does not get overheated in the summer to protect your precious electronics and other equipment. A space that feels like an inferno during the height of summer is also hazardous to your health. You have a few options for equipping an outdoor shed with air conditioning. The following guide can help you decide what option is best for your needs. Duct System AC If you have a very large shed with more than one room and equipped...

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Dressing Your Doors? 3 Window Treatments For Your New French Doors

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Updating your home periodically is imperative for protecting your investment. From new windows or countertops to fresh landscaping and outdoor living spaces, these updates increase the appeal, function, and value of your house. To create a more modern and stylish space, many homeowners replace outdated sliding doors with French doors. Although the cost may range from an estimated $350 to $4,000, the project offers a large return on your investment. Choosing French doors is smart for lovers of natural light, but the added sunlight increases...

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Parking Lots Matter: How To Be Sure Your Parking Lots Are Appealing To Customers

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If you own a small business, the condition of your parking lot may not be at the top of your priority list. However, a parking lot is literally the gateway to your business, and a bad experience for clients and customers may leave them fuming before they even walk in the door. That’s why it’s important for business owners to ensure their parking lots are in top-notch condition and properly equipped. Below are a few things you can do to get your parking areas ready and kept in optimal condition: Start out right One of the worst...

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4 Rules For Trimming Your Pine Trees

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Pine trees can add a great amount of beauty to your yard, as long as you know how to care for them. You need to know when your pine trees need trimming and when trimming can cause damage to them. Here are four rules for trimming your trees. Do Not Trim Off The Top If your pine tree has grown to a large height and you decide it is too large for the space it is growing, do not cut off the entire top part of the tree. Topping your tree is not good for it whether you cut off two feet or eight feet from its top. Cutting the top of your tree...

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Landscaping The Small Yard: Reconciling Trees And Fencing

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Older homes in downtown areas have picturesque architecture and narrow backyards that must be finished carefully in order to maximize the space. If you have small backyard, you’ll need to choose the right trees and the right fencing in order to create the perfect backyard space. Fence For Privacy Unlike suburban homes that have spacious backyards, old-fashioned row homes or duplexes often have small backyard spaces that abut those of the neighbors. Therefore, your first thought in finishing off your backyard is to make the space as...

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5 Air Conditioner Replacement Considerations

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If your air conditioner makes more trouble than cool air these days, you may be on the fence about whether of not it needs to be repaired (yet again) or replaced altogether. While an all-new air conditioner installation is no small investment, it could pale next to the amount of money you have to keep pumping into an ailing one. Here are five things to ask yourself when evaluating this major home ownership decision. 1. “How Old Is My Air Conditioner?” Deciding whether or not to replace your air conditioning system could be as...

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3 Ways To Decorate The Exterior Parts Of Your New Windows

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As you’re preparing to get new vinyl windows installed in your home, you may want to start coming up with a plan of how you will decorate the exterior parts of these new replacement windows. Exterior window trim can help your home look nicer, and there are many options to choose from. This is something you should decide before replacing your windows because it might require some additional work during the window replacement project. Ledges When you look at the outside of your home before getting new windows, do you like what you see? If...

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