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If you’re like me, you stopped using the front door to enter and exit your home long ago. In fact, many homeowners rely on their garage doors as the primary way to enter and exit their homes. It’s just easier – you’re usually going to or from your car anyway. But what you may not know is that the garage door is often the route that burglars take to get into your home as well. Luckily, you can make your garage door more secure. I started this blog to share my tips for garage door security and maintenance, as well as the things that you need to know when choosing a new garage door. Don’t forget to check out all the ways you can customize your garage door opener to make it more secure and more suited for your lifestyle.

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Renting Construction Fencing For The First Time? Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

If you have just opened up your own construction business, or are completing your own construction project on your own land, you may be thinking about renting construction fencing for the first time. However, since you have never done this before, you may have many questions about it. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you better to understand the importance of renting the fencing, what factors to consider, and what fencing type is ideal for your construction project. Here are a few of the questions you may have when you rent construction fencing for the first time.

What Are the Benefits to Construction Fencing?

One of the questions you may be wondering is what the benefits are to setting up construction fencing. Construction fencing serves many purposes around a construction job site. Depending on the type of fencing you select, you may be able to keep people out of the job site, which reduces the chances of your materials being stolen or your project be vandalized. You can control the amount of dust that leaves your construction site with dust screens. Some cities and counties require dust control if you are working in a residential or populated area because dust being stirred up from construction sites can reduce air quality and sit on homes and cars. Construction fencing can also keep the public safe. It helps prevent children from entering and playing in the hazardous area and prevents pedestrians who may not be paying attention from entering an unsafe area.

What Factors Need to Be Considered When Renting Construction Fencing?

If you have never rented construction fencing before, you may not realize just how many factors there are to consider. Construction fencing comes in a wide array of metal gauges, heights, types and there are also different features you can select. Learning about what factors you need to consider will help you select the fencing that makes the most sense for your project. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

  • Metal type and gauge

Construction fencing is made from different types of metal, including aluminum and steel. The metal gauge refers to the thickness of the metal. The lower the metal gauge, the thicker the metal is. The type of metal, and its gauge, play a role in how sturdy the fence is during wind gusts and how easy it is for someone to cut or break into.

  • Add-ons

Another factor to consider when selecting a construction fence is what type of add-ons you may need. You may need privacy slats, dust control screens, gates that allow cars through or even barbed wire on the top to ensure people don't hop the fence.

  • Delivery and Set-Up

When selecting a rental company, you need to pay attention to the price you are being quoted. But it is also important to consider how they handle delivery and set-up. Some rental companies will deliver the fence to you and set it up, while other companies require you to pick up the fence and/or set it up yourself. Ultimately, you have to decide whether or not it is worth the savings to pick up and set up a fence yourself or whether you'd like the company to do it for you. However, this is something you should consider when renting construction fencing.

Is Pounded Post or Base Stand Fencing Better?

The last major decision you have to make in regards to construction fencing is whether you want pounded post or base stand fencing. Pounded post fencing features posts that are pounded or placed into the ground. This helps ensure the fencing can't be moved and is able to withstand strong wind gusts. However, this type of fencing takes longer to install and, depending on your work site, may not be an option. For example, if you have sidewalks and streets surrounding your site, you can't pound fence posts into these surfaces. The other option is base stand fencing. This type of fence has a stand on the bottom. Sandbags can be placed on top of the stands to further weigh the fencing down. This type of fencing is quick to set up and can be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces. However, people can move the sandbags and move the fencing, which doesn't offer much security. This is also not a great choice on uneven surfaces. Learning about pounded post and base stand fencing will help you decide which option makes the most sense for your construction site.

Understanding the importance of construction fencing and what factors you need to consider when renting it will help you to select the fencing that is ideal for your construction site. This ensures the fencing serves its purpose. For more information, contact a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence.