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If you’re like me, you stopped using the front door to enter and exit your home long ago. In fact, many homeowners rely on their garage doors as the primary way to enter and exit their homes. It’s just easier – you’re usually going to or from your car anyway. But what you may not know is that the garage door is often the route that burglars take to get into your home as well. Luckily, you can make your garage door more secure. I started this blog to share my tips for garage door security and maintenance, as well as the things that you need to know when choosing a new garage door. Don’t forget to check out all the ways you can customize your garage door opener to make it more secure and more suited for your lifestyle.

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4 Bedroom Upgrades Inspired By The Classic Cartoon "Hey Arnold"

Older Nickelodeon fans likely spent a lot of the 1990s enjoying their classic cartoon Hey Arnold!. Along with the adventures of Arnold and his friends, one of the more fun highlights of the show was Arnold's upgraded bedroom. Even with today's technology, the bedroom holds up as a modern design with a number of fun features. As you plan to upgrade your own room or the room of a child, you can implement four different upgrades that are similar to Arnold's. By working with contractors and electricians, you can make these room upgrades become a reality and really create a fun bedroom area.

Built-In Automated Wall Beds

After a day of roaming around the city of Hillwood, Arnold would often go to his room and have furniture pop out of the walls with just the push of a button. Create that same fun experience with the installation of automated wall beds. An electrician can help wire a bed into your wall. When the bed is not in use, it can fold up and be placed flush with the wall. This gives you plenty of space to lounge, exercise, or invite friends over. When it's time to use the bed, the area can be activated using a remote control or with the push or a wall button. Springs and shocks will slowly move the bed down so that it folds out and gently falls into place.

Wall Speakers

Arnold often enjoyed loud music through a sound system that included speakers built directly into a wall. An electrician can install permanent speakers into the ceiling and walls of your bedroom to create a dynamic surround sound experience. By wiring the speakers through the walls, you can eliminate clutter and the need for recharging batteries often found in wireless speakers. The wires can connect directly to the rooms music system. It can also connect to a television so you have great sound options when enjoying television shows and movies. The speaker placement can really enhance the atmosphere of the room and make a big difference on sound quality.

Automated Skylights

The room in Arnold's boarding house was located on the top floor. This meant that he got a view of the outside world through a large skylight installation. You can add some natural light to your room by having a skylight installed. This is not only a great way to add views of the sky, but you can also reduce electricity consumption by enjoying the natural light. Along with the installation of a skylight, an electrician can install automated skylight shades. With the use of a remote or connected app, you can easily close off the skylight to help darken the room when you are sleeping or trying to eliminate glare off a computer or television screen.

TV Lift Systems

It seemed like Arnold had everything in his room hidden in walls or tucked away. Create the same clutter-free experience with the installation of a TV lift system. Instead of just having the TV left out in the open, you can hide it away when it's not in use. A TV lift system can be installed inside of its own entertainment center or installed inside of a wall. Cabinet doors and mechanical parts work together to lift or push the TV out into view. Once you done watching TV, it's easy to press a button and have the device retreat back down into its storage location. When going to sleep at night, the television and lift system can be set to a sleep timer so that the TV turns off and returns to the hidden location.

By using images and video clips from the show, you can communicate the wanted upgrades directly to contractors and electricians. For more information, contact an electrician (like those at All American Air & Electric, Inc.).