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If you’re like me, you stopped using the front door to enter and exit your home long ago. In fact, many homeowners rely on their garage doors as the primary way to enter and exit their homes. It’s just easier – you’re usually going to or from your car anyway. But what you may not know is that the garage door is often the route that burglars take to get into your home as well. Luckily, you can make your garage door more secure. I started this blog to share my tips for garage door security and maintenance, as well as the things that you need to know when choosing a new garage door. Don’t forget to check out all the ways you can customize your garage door opener to make it more secure and more suited for your lifestyle.

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Uneven Oven - What To Do When Your Cakes Do Not Come Out Right

Most people understand it is science when it comes to baking a cake. A variety of things can cause your cake to come out wrong. These things may include incorrect moisture, improper mixing, under baking, poor emulsification, and too much leavening. However, one of the main culprits is uneven oven temperature.

Your cakes tend to come out higher on one side when the heating is not uniform throughout your oven. It may be time to call an oven repair service. Read on to find out what to do when the temperature is not even.

Check The Calibration

If your food is not cooking evenly, then you may need to calibrate your oven. It means your internal temperature does not match what you set using the temperature dial. Poor calibration can greatly affect the outcome of a cake. You are probably going to be unhappy with the finished product.

This problem can be fixed by recalibrating and adjusting your oven. You must test the accuracy of your oven's temperature using a thermometer. If the temperature is not correct, then you have to diagnose the reason for the uneven heating. Ultimately, you will have to remove the knob on the temperature dial and adjust it manually.  

Test For Hot Spots

Testing for hot spots shows you which places in your oven are cooking faster. This test can be done using a pack of biscuits. You want to put the biscuits on a cookie sheet. The biscuits can be baked on the middle, top, or bottom rack. After the biscuits are cooked, you should check for uneven browning. It shows you which spots in your oven are heating at a higher temperature. Identifying hot spots helps with pinpointing the problem.

What Is The Cause Of The Uneven Heating?

There are a variety of reasons why your oven is not heating properly. Diagnosing the exact cause is a little tricky for someone who has no experience with appliance repairs. A faulty temperature sensor can cause this problem. It is located inside of your oven and can wear out with time. If the sensor is faulty, then you will need to replace it.

Don't let your faulty oven ruin your homemade cakes and leave you running to the store to replace it with a store-bought one. If your oven is causing you problems, then it is time to call a repairperson from an oven repair service, such as J & M Appliance.